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I’m going to be reading, probably from my forthcoming collection of short fiction Everything Flows, at the Pygmalion Lit Fest in Champaign-Urbana, or Urbana-Champaign, or somewhere in Illinois, on September 27 or 28. I’ll also be playing in DTCV on one of those two days as well. The music line-up is here. There is a band called Major Lazer headlining which is probably the worst band name I’ve ever heard. I’m sure they’re awesome.

My very good friend and one of Los Angeles’ finest writers, Joseph Mattson, is in dire need of your help. If you live in the LA area, there will occur on Tuesday December 4 a benefit for Joseph at The Echo. In addition to my band DTCV, other, better-known bands will play, including a one-time-only reunion of noir-punk legends The Starvations. Joseph will read, other writers will read, possibly some very famous ones, and many items of great intrinsic and aesthetic value will be auctioned off, all to raise money for Joseph and his family.

You can read the full story here. Suffice to say that the nightmare Joseph has undergone would tenderize the heart of Baal. If you don’t live in or near LA, there is a site at which you can contribute money. Any amount, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

Last year right around this time I had the pleasure of accompanying Joseph on a West Coast book tour in support of an anthology published by Akashic Books called The Speed Chronicles, which Joseph edited and to which I contributed a story. Wasn’t the first time I did a book tour with Joseph and I very much hope it won’t be the last. In addition to his very evident gifts as a writer, Joseph is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people whose company I have had the pleasure of sharing. He insisted on doing all the driving, he insisted on paying for every hotel room, every gallon of gas, every meal, every bag of corn nuts. He treated myself and Beth Lisick, another hugely talented writer who came along on tour, as his guests. He was unfailingly courteous and attentive and as a result it was the best book tour I’ve ever done.

On the second night of the tour I lost my voice completely, and found myself in the unusual position of having to shut the hell up. During the long hours of driving that ensued, Joseph slowly and reluctantly told us the story of what had happened to him up to that point. It was horrifying. It was unbelievable. It’s gotten much, much worse since then. If you can, please help.

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Hi, so my band DTCV is going on tour,  first stop Tempe AZ before we join up with Guided By Voices in Athen GA on September 18. I’ve agreed to write a sort of tour diary for The Believer magazine’s tumblr, so if and when that happens, I’ll post the link here, and probably cross-post over at our music site DTCV.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll be come out to one or more of the shows, which are listed on the DTCV site, except for Houston TX and Columbia MO, which have been canceled due to I dont know why. We might try to find replacement shows for those two, but at this late date it’s unlikely.

Anyway. Watch this space, by which I mean literally stare at this blank space on the internet for hours on end, forgetting to eat, drink, or sleep, and maybe something cool will happen.

I reviewed Joshua Cohen’s collection of four long short stories, Four New Messages, for Bookforum, which you can find wherever Bookforum in its papery form is still sold, and also online here. My review calls Cohen “immoderately brilliant,” and the takeaway for those disinclined to read reviews is “buy this book.”

Plus also too, I was interviewed by The Believer about the differenece between playing music and writing, or something like that, which you can find here. It was disclosed during this interview that I’ll be doing a tour diary for the The Believer about my band Détective‘s upcoming tour with Guided By Voices. Fans of rambling first person anecdotes should begin bating their breath now.

For reasons surpassing anyone’s understanding, I was interviewed by New York Tyrant publisher Giancarlo DiTrapano for VICE. I taked some about my new band DTCV, and a lot about my forthcoming story collection, Everything Flows, from Curbside Publishing. You can read it all here.