Stories, Essays, Etc.


A brief selection of stories, essays, interviews etc. 

InterviewJames Greer: Making The World His Bitch (And Elephants) in VICE

Esssay: Marking Time in The Weeklings

Review: Every Third Thought by John Barth in the Los Angeles Review of Books

Review: Four New Messages by Joshua Cohen in Bookforum

Review: Green Girl by Kate Zambreno in Bookforum

Review: The Pale King by David Foster Wallace in the Fanzine

Interview: Ben Loory interviews James Greer in SmokeLong Quarterly

Interview: Patrick Wensink interviews James Greer in We Who Are About To Die

Interview: Interview in LitnImage

Essay: “Jacaranda Literaria” in The Oakland Standard

Essay: “The Time I Bled All Over The Place” in Five Dials 13

Story: “Chapman’s Green Hairstreak” in Joyland NYC

Story: “The Reluctant King” in Zapologue 10

Story: “The Ordinary Rendition of Caeli Fax” in Metazen

Story: “The Hill of Crosses” in Metazen

Story: “Self-Destruction, Vol. 1″ in TRSNFR

Story: “A Yellow Coincidence” in Slake #2

Story: “In Bloom” in Slake #3

Story: “As No One Lay Trying To Die” in On Earth As It Is

Story: “The Rose Encyclopedia” in The Rattling Wall

Story: “Elephants” in SmokeLong

Poem: “Invisible Ink” in Two Letters Vol. 2

Story: “Second-Hand Blue” in Curbside Splendor

Story: “The Hangover” in Yeti 6