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Fables of the Deconstruction

Rufous Knicks, rampant in blue serge suit and hairs-cut, stepped down the wobbly back shell of Forever Corner like a king descending to court. That or another like sentence would mark well to begin this history in old days whereof I have understood some, having lived for petty times in that epoch. I do not […]

Mansion of the Aching Hearts

What was I born for? thought Thomas, sitting at his desk, copying the last few lines of his work. What was anybody born for? The sun had long since floated past the lid of his window, over the gray slate roof, and begun to set. He could see its rubescent face reflected in the windows […]

Supermoon Alert

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Trawling For Vertebrae

Under the skin. Under the sweet, sticky skin. You pull back epidermal layer to reveal a mess of wires, pulsing with blue and red light. Snip the proper one, machine stops dead, like a car on the highway at night, tangerine tusks probing the dark. What exactly are we looking for here? Some evidence of […]