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Forthcomingness = There are a couple of upcoming events in which the legion of North of Onhava readers might be interested, be you of the literary or rockerary persuasion. The first is a return visit to Jim Ruland’s legendary Vermin on the Mount reading series, this time pitting contributors from The Rattling Wall issue 1 […]

Gloria Monday

I seem to have made some pretty anodyne recommendations to read/listen/see/read (in that order, please!) for The Rattling Wall‘s tumblr. For those who find the above graphic illegible, it says something like exactly this: JAMES GREER SAYS: READ THIS POEM: Paul Valéry, Le Cimitière Marin. One of many sources from which I stole to make […]

The Rattling Wall

Another day, another promising new literary magazine in Los Angeles to which I contributed a story about I forget what. And another launch party or reading and reception or I’m not sure exactly what, to which you (and you) are invited. More information about The Rattling Wall and its star-studded (obviously I don’t mean me) […]