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Apparently he was commsissioned to make this for the 2011 Viennale, and probably I’m posting something that a) everybody’s already seen already and b) everybody already knows is some kind of almost self-parodic absurdly creepy stuttering anti-narrative larded with semi-ominous signs & symbols intended either to make fun of himself or of us. Or both. In other words: like everything else David Lynch does. And I like it anyway.

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Inspired by the example of my betters, here’s a short film I made in France. It was shot at the Château D’hérouville, about an hour outside of Paris, which was once a famous recording studio – the “Honky Chateau” of Elton John fame – but is now overgrown and mostly a ruin. I intended at first just to shoot some test footage of the location. But the test was meant to be in HD, and the HD cable on my rented camera broke, so I had go old school SD video. Looking at the footage later, I decided to construct a false narrative and write some dialogue. Which you can’t hear very well, which is intentional, but for which I apologize nonetheless. On the upside, it’s pretty short.

I provide subtitles for those who do not speak French. Unfortunately, those subtitles are also in French. Fortunately, (most of) the text is simply a French version of the Wikipedia page to which I linked above. The English text is a different matter. I take full responsibility for that.

The name of the film comes from when I was driving back with Constance Cardon, the non-actress actress featured here, and she was talking in her adorable deep gravelly voice to her boyfriend, who was asking her about the shoot. She told him that essentially she was playing the role of “la femme qui n’était rien,” which can be translated as “the woman who wasn’t there.” I thought that was a great title for something, and eventually, why not, for this.

One small note: it doesn’t really matter, but Constance’s accent renders the line “I think I may be a robot” into “I think I may be a rabbit,” at least to my ears. Just FYI. | topical antibiotics over the counter | payday loans online direct lender | buy cialis

[Editor's Note: If you're the type of person that enjoys experimental short film, you might enjoy this. If you're not, I promise to not.]

Here’s another short I wrote and directed. This time out, I used a crew instead of trying to do everything myself. In essence, the film is a re-telling of the story of long-suffering Penelope, wife of Ulysses, shortly after her husband’s return after a long absence (Trojan War + Odyssey). It was shot at the Elephant Theater in Los Angeles over twelve or fifteen frenetic hours, and edited as always by Stacy Goldate. Three actresses all played the same role, reciting the same lines, and then were intercut. The three marvelously talented actresses are Cassie Jaye, Hollie Overton, and Mim Drew, all of whom did amazing work on short notice. My cinematographer was Ava Berkofsky, who a) is a gifted photographer, b) has an extremely talented eye, and c) proved willing to put up with my tyro notions, greatly to her credit. The rest of the fine crew you can find here. I in no way deserved the hard work everyone put into making this thing, and hope that the result, however oblique, complexly-layered, and deliberately opaque (both literally, in the lighting, and metaphorically, in the writing), do not prove too off-putting to any potential viewer.

We shot in HD using two Panasonic JVX-200s, a camera I would probably not use again, especially now that the Red system is available. Oh, and one last note: the off-screen voice of the “director” was (pretty obviously, I think) created on my computer but I forget how I did it.


Diegesis from James Greer on Vimeo.