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Fables of the Deconstruction

Rufous Knicks, rampant in blue serge suit and hairs-cut, stepped down the wobbly back shell of Forever Corner like a king descending to court. That or another like sentence would mark well to begin this history in old days whereof I have understood some, having lived for petty times in that epoch. I do not […]

The Woman Who Wasn’t There

Inspired by the example of my betters, here’s a short film I made in France. It was shot at the Château D’hérouville, about an hour outside of Paris, which was once a famous recording studio – the “Honky Chateau” of Elton John fame – but is now overgrown and mostly a ruin. I intended at […]

Michelangelo Red Antonioni Blue

If you’re at all a fan of the director Michelangelo Antonioni (and if you’re not, I would like to meet you, because you must be very strange) then you might enjoy this article in the BFI’s Sight & Sound. Were there time and/or world enough I would expand on several points discussed in the article. […]