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Two New Messages

I reviewed Joshua Cohen’s collection of four long short stories, Four New Messages, for Bookforum, which you can find wherever Bookforum in its papery form is still sold, and also online here. My review calls Cohen “immoderately brilliant,” and the takeaway for those disinclined to read reviews is “buy this book.” Plus also too, I […]

Two Novels, One Novella, One Transmedia Experience, and a Book Of Poetry: Considered

The Dirty Poet, Emergency Room Wrestling, Words Like Kudzu Press Jesús Ángel Garcia, badbadbad, New Pulp Press Ben Tanzer, You Can Make Him Like You, Artistically Declined Press Tom Williams, The Mimic’s Own Voice, Main Street Rag Patrick Wensink, Black Hole Blues, Lazy Fascist First, I have to apologize. I’m not in the habit of […]

Book Report(s)

Two books I happened to read recently and would like to tell you about: Frank Hinton I Don’t Respect Female Expression (Safety Third Enterprises, 2011) Frank Hinton is an enigma wrapped in a mystery on a bed of lettuce. A construct, possibly of/by a real person named Frank Hinton, possibly not. His/her limited edition chapbook […]

The Pale King

Because American Literature will not be able to sleep until I have weighed in on David Foster Wallace’s posthumous unfinished novel, The Pale King, I agreed to provide several words on the subject for the Fanzine here. You’re welcome, American Literature. Get some rest. You look tired.