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DTCV – I Was Where Were You

My band DTCV made a video. It’s for the first single from our upcoming double album Hilarious Heaven. Which will be put out by Xemu Records. Which is home to our friends Dead Meadow, whose Steve Kille recorded the new album. Which features artwork by Robert Pollard. The song goes like this:

Joyland Podcast

I did a podcast not long ago while on tour with my band DTCV for Joyland Magazine. Brian Joseph Davis and I talked in the tour van for at least an hour about a lot of non-libelous (I hope) things including but not limited to the band, my screenwriting and rock musical writing for Steven […]

The Weeklings: Revolution #1

  A new anthology of essays from a website called The Weeklings to which I irregularly contribute has recently been made available for sale to the reading public. Information/justification¬†here. The anthology includes something I wrote, apparently, as well as stuff from a bunch of great writers on a variety of subjects. All money derived from […]

Last Nite

 People having fun (in theory) Saturday evening, January 22, 2011, there occurred a launch party for Slake Issue 2 “Crossing Over.” Slake is a literary magazine but it’s as big as a book if not bigger, certainly bigger than my books tend to be because I am a very slow writer. And it has art […]