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My band DTCV made a video. It’s for the first single from our upcoming double album Hilarious Heaven. Which will be put out by Xemu Records. Which is home to our friends Dead Meadow, whose Steve Kille recorded the new album. Which features artwork by Robert Pollard. The song goes like this:

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I did a podcast not long ago while on tour with my band DTCV for Joyland Magazine. Brian Joseph Davis and I talked in the tour van for at least an hour about a lot of non-libelous (I hope) things including but not limited to the band, my screenwriting and rock musical writing for Steven Soderbergh, and I think my forthcoming collection of short stories. Probably not so much about the last item, since I don’t really have much of interest to say about short story writing, and I was pretty drunk. Anyway you can go here to download the podcast from iTunes or here to stream it.



A new anthology of essays from a website called The Weeklings to which I irregularly contribute has recently been made available for sale to the reading public. Information/justification here. The anthology includes something I wrote, apparently, as well as stuff from a bunch of great writers on a variety of subjects. All money derived from sales will go to paying the site’s many contributors going forward. The editors of The Weeklings, some of whom I have met in person and thus can vouch for their (physical) hygiene, thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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 People having fun (in theory)

Saturday evening, January 22, 2011, there occurred a launch party for Slake Issue 2 “Crossing Over.” Slake is a literary magazine but it’s as big as a book if not bigger, certainly bigger than my books tend to be because I am a very slow writer. And it has art and things inside of it, too.

The party was at a place called Track 16 at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, which is partly part of Los Angeles. How you get there is you drive off the freeway and onto a brief, dark road that dead ends in a parking lot where you are surrounded by art galleries and other exotic plants.

I mention this mainly because I had to read in front of an estimated crowd of 700 citizens, only about thirty of whom could hear, through the inadequate PA system, over the clatter of hooves (many people were wearing horseshoes, I think this might be a new thing). There was free food, there was cheap food, there were free drinks, there were cheap drinks. Somebody played music over the PA system after several of us read what we had written in Issue 2 (“Crossing Over.”) People seemed to enjoy themselves but how can you really tell without a statistically significant poll?

There will be more events in connection with the launch of this new issue. I encourage you to attend.