When I was young we used to call this a mackerel sky. Maybe we still do. I don’t know, I’m not young anymore.

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  1. kabix says:

    We did as well, and do. My favorite growing up was knowing this – http://i.imgur.com/YlQen.jpg – as a catholic sky. They’re crepuscular rays, but we were an Irish family from South Boston so the diffraction of sunlight and particles in a twilit, high-contrast sky was a divinity only made possible through the power of our religion.

    • James Greer says:

      That’s a beautiful picture. I’m from the suburbs of Boston, myself, but an eccentric Swedish/German Protestant varietal. Christian Science, in fact. A very austere religion, but it has its theological upside, not least an uncanny resemblance to neo-Platonist American transcendentalism, which makes sense, coming from the physical/philosphical neighborhood of Emerson et al.

  2. marnecarmean says:

    And lace curtains, don’t forget the lace curtains.

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