First, I join the Los Angeles Review of Books as Contributing Editor. Next thing I know, James Franco is a Contributing Editor to the Los Angeles Review of Books. I shake it off. Probably just a coincidence. Following this, I contribute to an anthology called The Speed Chronicles coming out later this year (information here, and possibly subject to change.) Yesterday, I was looking over the list of fellow contributors. Guess who else was on the list? James Freaking Franco. I did not watch the Academy Awards earlier this year, because I hate America, but by all reports his performance as co-host was laconic to the point where people wondered if maybe James Franco had been replaced by Zombie James Franco, though unless anyone saw Zombie James Franco actually eating human brains, I don’t know how you’re supposed to tell the difference.

You see my point. What could Zombie James Franco possibly know about speed? (For the record, I don’t know anything about speed, either, but we’re not here to talk about me.) The only possible explanation for his participation in this anthology is that he saw my name on the list of contributors (I signed on early in the process) and insisted on being included. Because he is stalking me.

Most likely this is innocent hero worship, and who can blame him? All I ask (and here I’m talking to you, James, because I know you’re reading this): just be cool, man. If you’re lucky, I might let you stand next to me at some publicity function. But please don’t try to talk to me. My brain is prepetually busy solving several difficult chess problems while also composing an epic poem in alexandrine couplets. I don’t have time for small talk.

Oh, and while this probably should go without saying, I’m going to say it anyway: please don’t eat my brains. Thanks, man.

2 Responses to Zombie James Franco is Stalking Me

  1. mjudge says:

    On the one hand I’m sure it’s “not really his fault,” but on the other hand motherfuck James Franco for his name being all over the press for this above the names of everybody who deserves it more. Including you, everyone else in the book, me though I am not in the book, anyone who’s ever written anything without hope of getting it published because his agent knows where JP Morgan’s enemies are buried, etc.

    • James Greer says:

      I hear you, but it’s not his fault he won the genetic lottery. At least he seems to be using his power for good. There are others in his position without the ambition or the intelligence or the goodwill. Fact is, putting his name on the cover means we sell more copies. I haven’t seen any of his writing. He might be really good. (Also I heard it’s bad policy to anatgonize your zombie stalker.)

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