Finnegans Wake

by James Greer

 I know many people—deeply serious, scholarly people—have never managed to make it through James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Perfectly reasonable. Life is short, art is long, and FW is impenetrable. Howsomever: I recently discovered an online resource that might make it less task-y and more joy-y. It’s the entire text of the book with glosses for every sentence, sometimes those given by Joyce himself, so you know it’s not some grad student in a carrel somewhere in the womb of Alderman Library making stuff up in a notebook.

Try it on for size here.

For a long time I didn’t have my own copy, because I had given it to Robert Pollard from the band Guided By Voices, of which you may have heard. He plunders it on occasion for song titles and lyrics. For instance.