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Month: January, 2011

Last Nite

 People having fun (in theory) Saturday evening, January 22, 2011, there occurred a launch party for Slake Issue 2 “Crossing Over.” Slake is a literary magazine but it’s as big as a book if not bigger, certainly bigger than my books tend to be because I am a very slow writer. And it has art […]

Quickly, and with cause

A small item of business: I’ve mentioned the new-ish and so-far great LA-based lit-mag Slake before. (Q: How many hyphens will fit in an American sentence? A: Too many.) Their second issue is about to appear like worms after a heavy rain, to celebrate which fact they’re having a launch party. A bunch of contributors […]

Belated list of good things from 2010

Some of the better things I read, saw, or listened to last year, many of which were not released in 2010, which I know is not the point of a year-end list. Sorry. This list, moreover, is not the product of a great deal of reflection. These are off the top of my head looking […]

Matthew Stokoe’s Cows

As part of a series by and through which Akashic authors review books by other Akashic authors, I was asked to review the reissue of Matthew Stokoe’s 1997 novel. Or, as Akashic puts it: The long-awaited reissue of Stokoe’s brutal debut novel. The review may be found here. You can (and should) buy the book […]